Repurpose Your Purpose Video Production: Terms & Conditions

1.1 Clients of Dawn Media Productions subscribe to the promotion of high standards, ethical awareness and best practice. As part of those standards, engagement terms are issued and agreed prior to any work being undertaken.

1.2 In this T&C, “we” and “us” and “our” relate to Dawn Media Productions practice and “you” and “your” relate to you, the client.

2. Our  Service

2.1 On receiving an interview booking request from you, our Support Manager will immediately schedule a time for you to be interviewed by one of our Brand Storytelling experts. We will do our best to arrange your appointment within a timeframe that’s convenient for you and our Brand Storytelling experts.

2.2 We reserve the right to change the service without prior notice

2.3 On receiving an interview booking request, our Support Manager will liaise with you to guide you through the process to set up your folders to prepare for the video production of your content.

3. Responsibilities

Our responsibilities are to:

3.1 Provide assistance to help you onboard smoothly

3.2 Organise and facilitate interview for video content

3.3 Where necessary, develop personalised questions for the interview that will draw your story

3.4 Prepare you for the zoom interviews

3.5 Provide full transcription file of video and raw interview footage

3.6 Create design templates for the video and social media graphics

3.7 Provide you with the professionally produced video snippets (up to 1 min/each) and graphic design for social media

 Your responsibilities as the client are to:

3.8 Provide the following material for the videos:
a. logo
b. brand colours (if you do not have one we will look at website and match website colours)
c. any images/footages you would like to add to the videos

3.9 Ensure all the materials, images, information that you provide are correct.

3.10 Disclose all relevant information to enable us to complete the work within an agreed time frame.

3.11 Ensure that your internet connection is stable for best video quality

3.12 Follow instructions provided by our team to help you set up your online interview

3.13 Review and approve the work. A client is permitted to request two revisions. Any additional revisions will incur additional costs.

4. Fees

4.1 Our fees are based on 2 different monthly packages outlined on our proposal, presentation and website. This is an opt-in/opt-out service, and you may choose to cancel your subscription after 3 months. You should be aware that our package pricing may change, and should you opt in after the initial sign-up, you will be charged with the new pricing. Any additional work required which is not covered by these terms will be agreed with you and will result in a new terms of engagement will be issued to you.

4.2 Payment of fees are made through our secured payment link provided which is a monthly subscription that can be cancelled anytime. Service will be terminated when payment is cancelled.

4.3 All charges you incur through the utilization of your debit or credit card, or other payment methods are reflective of the prices in effect during the time the said charges were incurred.

4.4 A third-party payment processor is used to process all payments that go through the Repurpose Your Purpose Service. We ensure at all times that the payment applications we used is highly secured and is compliant. However, we are not liable for any security or privacy breaches by the said processor.

4.5 Our fees are subject to change at any time.

4.6 Our fees in AUD include GST.

5. Cancellation: 

5.1 Our Service is a subscription-based service and it comes with a contractual commitment for a minimum of 3 months before any cancellations can apply.

5.2 One month’s notice is required to cancel a subscription.

5.3 Referral discounts and taster packages are only available to first-time users and customers will be ineligible for discounts claimed prior to cancelling a subscription.

5.4 We reserve the right to change the fee without prior notice.

6. Use of work by Dawn Media Productions. 

Upon completion of your video project, we may display your work for marketing purposes on our website or on social media. If you do not wish to have your work displayed by us, please let us know before completion of the project.

We will be keeping a copy of your video for 60 days and may delete it after this time.

7. Backups

You are responsible for maintaining your own copy of your video once we have provided to you. If you require another copy to be sent, an additional fee may apply.

 8. Confidentiality and conflicts

8.1 We agree never to share information relating to your business with any third party without prior consent, unless required to do so by law or to comply with regulations or quality control reviews. Likewise, you agree not to use or copy or allow use of the output of the work we do with a third party without our prior permission.

8.2 You recognise that we may have to stop providing services to you in the event that a conflict arises. You will notify us if you have any reason to believe that such a conflict has arisen or may arise.

9. Scope of liabilities

9.1 Dawn Media Productions will not be accountable for any damages, injuries or losses which arise from tampering, hacking or other unauthorized access or utilization of the service from your account, or misuse of your personal details contained therein.

10. Intellectual Property Rights 

Upon completion of the project and full payment for the services we acknowledge that you have intellectual property rights to the video.

All rights to the video are owned by you however, we’ll ask for your permission to include your video on our website as sample work.

Acceptance:  You have accepted the above terms as outlined in our ‘terms and conditions’ statement during the payment process. By paying us any portion of the subscription fee, you have instructed us to proceed with the Repurpose Your Purpose subscription service you have selected and are agreeing to the terms therein.

Terms and Conditions