Today’s marketing landscape is largely online, and the digital spend of brands and businesses has soared over the past year. Not only are already established, big brands upping their spending, but new competitors are also constantly popping up.

So how do we win within this ecosystem? How are brands and businesses like us meant to stand out when there’s so much going on? 

What is your story? 

The quick answer: be crystal clear about what it is your brand stands for and what it can do for your customers. The key to all of this is our story, and really having a clear mission and value that you deliver to consumers.

So when we say that Dawn Media Productions is all about making you the Oprah of your industry and helping you tell your story, it all starts with the question, what is YOUR story? Then we craft that to make sure we create a brand position that is compelling for your customers.

(If you want to learn an in-depth method to craft a brand that can sustain steady growth in the long term, then you should watch our previous video: How to Build a Successful Brand from Scratch.)

But, in this article, assuming that you have already found the identity of your brand, the next step is building awareness around it, and, of course, how to start making sales.

That’s where video marketing comes in….

A story is something we humans are innately programmed to relate to, absorb and remember. Video and audio communication are really at the heart of passing on these stories. In fact, engaging multiple senses has been shown to increase the recall and engagement of any message, and video is one of the absolute best ways to combine the senses and do just that. 

That is why customers and digital platforms in the last two years have really started to get on board with video. If you’re following any of the changing social media algorithms, video far supersedes any other media format when it comes to engagement and priority within the feed.

According to HubSpot research, more than 50% of consumers want to see videos from brands over any other type of content. That’s even more than email newsletters and social images. From a customer standpoint, 90% of customers say videos help them make buying decisions, and are absolutely the key to making sales at the moment. And 93% of businesses surveyed also reported getting a new customer on social media specifically because of videos they publish.

Using video on landing pages and outside of social media pages is capable of increasing conversion rates by over 80%. So think about other placements beyond social as well. Where else in your customer journey makes sense for your brand to tell your story and SHOW, not tell, the benefits of your product and why you exist?

So. Now that you are aware of how much video as a format impacts brand awareness and business growth, Let’s quickly run down these eight different content ideas that will help drive your business results. 

8 Content Ideas To Drive Your Business Results

If you create one video on each of these 8 topics right now for your business, I promise you, you’re going to see a massive uptick in sales. 

1. Storytelling

Go back to what your brand is about. What is your business about? What is it that drove you to start this and what value will your customer get out of using you? Telling this story is an absolute driver in terms of starting the relationship with your customers, finding your tribe, and finding your customers out there.

You tell your story and tell your why, and you’ll start attracting the right audiences that think like you. And as soon as they are ready to buy from you, you’ve already established the relationship through your story and they’re not shopping around. 

2. Problem and Pain Points

This is a massive one. And particularly in an e-commerce setting, framing your ads and your product in terms of solving a problem and solving customer pain points is a really effective way to drive sales. So look at individual pain points and what problem it is that your product solves. Then create a video around each of these.

3. Solutions

Beyond individual pain points, frame your business and product around being the solution to a larger issue or problem. When brands take to solution-building and offer a range of basic, as well as customised or value-added services to one customer, the total revenue from the entire account grows substantially across all products and services.

When the brand proposes to make substantial investments into building, implementing and managing customised solutions for the client, you become a long-term partner to your customers, not just a one-off transaction.

4. Benefits

Start talking about what it is that you’re able to give your customers when they buy, but go deeper than the obvious. Coffee isn’t just about the caffeine, it’s about energy or a moment of enjoyment during a hectic day. Own a moment or an outcome that separates YOUR product from that of your competitors.

Remember: Spend time on actually showing, not telling what your product does. It’s a great driver, especially on social media.

5. Social Proof

Talk about reviews and other people that are using the product. Showing people that are in your tribe or community that are loving what you provide attracts new and other like-minded people to join and be a part of your business.

If it’s within your budget, you can also tap into influencer marketing. And you don’t have to have a lot of budget for this also. There are influencers or content creators that are available for all kinds of budgets.

Remember: Your brand is not just about what YOU say about it, it’s what others say about you too, so think about how you are showing up in the mouths of others.

6. Authority

Talk about why you are the authority in this space. Are you the first one in the market? Have you got an innovation that no one else has? Start establishing yourself as the leader and identify your unique selling proposition.

And no, it’s not great customer service or a good product – your customers will only know about that after they have made a purchase. Instead, your unique selling proposition is what makes your customers choose you over your competitors. 

7. Call-to-action (CTA)

A call to action is a form of persuasion. It’s a text inviting a customer to take a particular action. What that action is can vary a lot, whether it’s learning more, subscribing, making a purchase, or telling a friend, for example. It all depends on what you want the customer to do at a particular moment in their journey to discover your product.

Your CTAs should persuade customers to do something by telling them why they should take action, let them know what will happen if they take this action, and be as short and clear as possible. 

The last and the eighth one might have the most impact of all, but most brands avoid doing this to “play it safe”. 

8. What You’re Going Up Against

Talk about what you’re going up against. This will allow you to talk beyond the product and it’s the reason why brands choose to have a voice in social or political issues. Build your story, and the lifestyle around your brand so that you’re building a relationship with people that are best for your brand, and are like-minded like you. 

5 Questions for Creating a Brand Story as a Beginner

Now, the most important step you can take now as a business owner is to start thinking about your business and start building your story. So, make sure you’re asking and answering these questions to create your brand story that converts to sales: 

1. What is unique about your brand?
2. What is the culture surrounding your audience?
3. What’s happening with the competitors?

Look at the opportunity within these three spaces and ask yourself:
4. What is the space of your authority?
5. What are the benefits that allow you to stand out from any other competitor or alternative out there?

Communicating that story consistently over time will be what helps drive and grow your business.

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