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Starting a business is easy. As a business owner, I can say that you can easily start a business with the current resources that you have. But sustaining it? Keeping it running? Making it productive? That’s the challenge. You can have all the funding in the world, but there are so many other aspects of a business that need to be constantly taken care of to make sure that it becomes successful – and that it stays that way. You may have the right manpower, and a working system to get things done, but one of the core requirements of any kind of business is how it gets an effective and good marketing plan.

This process is the blood of the business, the intake of new clients, customers, users, or leads, makes it able for a business to continue operating. Otherwise, if there are no clients, then there’ll be no business at all no matter how great your team or employees are, or no matter how much your funding is, the business needs to gain profit.

As a new business, it’s normal that people are not interested in it yet. You can’t be interested in something that you know nothing of. But if you’ve established a business for quite some time now but are still struggling to get more leads, then we’ll show you how to improve your marketing strategy through YouTube.

Why YouTube?

If you’re still not willing to invest resources in YouTube Marketing this 2022, you’re basically setting yourself up for disaster. YouTube goes hand in hand with other social media platforms and today’s online landscape is evolving. This evolution, it’s bringing a lot of changes in buying patterns, and customer behaviours.

Online shopping has been the hype ever since the pandemic started. This means that the potential customers you are looking for in your business are almost always constantly on their phones browsing the internet and watching YouTube.

Today, customers’ buying decisions were also proven as greatly influenced by content produced by creators or influencers. This is because more people are inclined to trust the opinions of people they look up to or resonate with. This means that putting your business out there and making its online presence more readily available and accessible greatly helps in increasing your target market’s trust and confidence in your business. Besides, setting up a YouTube channel is totally free – so what’s stopping you?

Building trust also entails telling your story. Through YouTube, you can not only share educational videos that address your target market’s pain points or problems, but you can also share the brand’s story with a more customer-centric approach that builds trust that can translate into conversion or sales.

Basic YouTube Marketing Strategy

YouTube has over 22.8 billion visits a month making it the second most visited site in the world after Google. This makes it able to bring many benefits to businesses nowadays, which includes more leads. More leads equal more sales! Through the platform, companies can achieve greater exposure, which expands their customer base by making detailed tutorials, live streams, guides, lessons, and brands. This can also make the business rank higher on google.

Here are basic YouTube Marketing Tips to help get started:

Create a Brand Account

The difference between a brand account compared to the usual YouTube Channel is that it allows several users to access it simultaneously. This is important for a business because you can be able to distribute or offload other tasks to other people such as creating descriptions, post-production settings such as putting cards and credits, editing closed captions, engaging with subscribers, and replying to comments, and more.

Maintaining a YouTube Channel is no easy feat, this is why you will be needing all the help that you could have. If you already have a channel but it’s not a brand account, no worries! You can easily convert it into one.

Research your target audience

One of the famous marketing tips out there is not to find buyers for your products – instead, find products for your buyers. What are the existing market groups that speak to you and your interests? This will help you find the right products that you can invest in. This will also help you find your voice in creating videos for your marketing.

Before creating videos, you need to analyze your YouTube demographics. Explore your target audience’s location, age, and viewing preferences to meet users’ needs. Based on your target audience’s wants and needs, you’ll be able to create helpful content. As a business owner, your target audience would be the same as the target market for your business.

Gather all the essential information about the problems, issues, and interesting topics that your target audience would be interested in that represents what your business can cater to. In case you already have a business account on YouTube, explore its analytics. It will give you more insights into your audience’s preferences. Analyze the comments, ask questions, or create a poll to discover more about your subscribers’ interests and wishes.

Conduct competitive analysis

YouTube is a large platform with many business accounts worldwide, and the competition is high. By analyzing channels that produce the same content as yours or are catering for the same business niche, especially the ones which are already successful on the platform, you have a chance to determine the opportunities your channel has.

In doing this, you can start with identifying your 3to 5 most successful competitors. To do it, you can leverage keyword tools to see which brands have the highest ranking based on keywords related to your industry. Pay attention to their metrics, titles, descriptions, and comments under videos to find helpful information and inspiration.

Don’t be afraid to fail or make mistakes. The beauty about YouTube is you are free to experiment with what works and what does not. This is how you learn to make better and more engaging content, understand what day or time is the best posting schedule, and what kind of content your target audience like the most!

Optimize your videos and channel

YouTube has its own ranking algorithm. If you want to rank high, you should create recognizable thumbnails, optimize your titles and descriptions, and use keywords. It will help you have priority over other channels and videos as well as obtain more views. We have published a video regarding the specific steps you can do now to start optimizing your videos to make them more friendly for the algorithm – you can click the link above or in the description box down below to watch that video.

You may have great content, but if you fail to optimize your videos to make it easier for YouTube to push your videos into search and recommended lists, then it will be useless. You can also motivate users to take the desired action, and add CTAs in the form of a card, end screen, watermark, or bumper ad. Finally, encourage people to like, comment, subscribe, and share.

Aside from your actual videos, your channel also needs optimization. You can start doing that by providing all the necessary information on your channel. There are several steps you should consider to enable users to find you faster. Firstly, complete your profile. Make sure to fill in the channel description, upload your logo, and make use of channel art. Besides, you can also add your other channels or resources subscribers might find helpful. Secondly, make sure that your channel contains links to your website and social media profiles. Thirdly, create a trailer for your YouTube channel to introduce your company to viewers and educate them about your product. Communicate your brand statement and explain to users why they should subscribe to your channel.

Promote your videos

YouTube Marketing goes hand in hand with other social media platforms. You should consider creating accounts on different social media platforms and start uploading quality and interesting videos. You can actually repurpose long-form YouTube videos into short video snippets for your other social media accounts. This will drive more attention and encourage word-of-mouth promotion. This is one of the effective ways to inform your subscribers about new content on your channel, and of course, promote brand awareness that will help you get more leads.

You may also consider influencer marketing. It’s always a good idea to contact influencers who work in the same niche and are ready to promote your company and products. You can do sponsored content, reviews, competitions and giveaways, product and content collaborations or long-term ambassadors. There are different influencers depending on your budget and goals. But this is one thing to consider since customers trust the recommendations of influencers and established content creators.

You can also delve into ads. Take note that in promoting your videos, your primary aim is to introduce yourself and your brand or business. It’s not always an effective idea to make sales-driven campaigns because online users are already flooded with so many ads trying to sell things. I honestly also find myself swiping up right away the first second that I see the next post is an ad – I personally think it’s not working anymore. But if you do want to go into ads, it’s better to focus on sharing your story and promoting brand awareness rather than selling. Do not worry about the sales – when you have established a community that trusts you and loves your story, it will eventually follow without you even having to lift a finger.

Measure your success

Once you upload your first video, it’s necessary to track your progress. This way, you’ll be aware of your accolades and failures. YouTube Analytics will simplify this process. Open it to see the changes in the number of subscribers, audience demographics, traffic sources, and device reports. The information you receive will help your channel move forward. By knowing more about your viewers, you’ll be able to improve your content and meet their needs.

Don’t expect quick or overnight success. Growing a channel and expanding your customer base takes time, consistency, and patience. One of the best pieces of advice out there when it comes to growing a channel is to focus on getting out your first 100 videos, and have fun in the process! Celebrate small wins and milestones, and you’ll get there.


Here at Dawn Media Productions, we understand how to make an effective YouTube Marketing Strategy for business owners and content creators. We have experts with years of experience who can help you and your business create and follow through with a personalized strategy that will help you start getting the results that you want – more views, more subscribers, more leads, and more sales. Book a FREE DISCOVERY CALL today to get started!

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