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Frequently Asked Questions

About us

Our vision is to impact the world one courageous conversation at a time. To achieve this we must help you build the courage to have a voice, and share your story. At Dawn Media Productions, we help you have the #courage to tell your story. With our help, you will be able to share your story and content consistently to increase your credibility, authority, and positively impact the world. And most importantly, we make the journey easy for you through our Repurpose Your Purpose, an all-ready-to-share video content production service.

Repurpose Your Purpose is our video content production service that helps you create engaging, consistent, and authentic content to connect you with your audience and help you build your brand.

We understand that creating consistent content can require a lot of effort, cost a lot in production equipment and be time-consuming. With 20+ years of experience in journalism and interviewing people professionally, we make it easy for you to have a natural conversation about your subject matter. We then take your interview and create it into minute-long snippets, including graphics and B-Roll clips, for you to share on your social media platforms.

Yes, we do! We have served clients in Australia, US, Canada and can service clients from anywhere around the world. Our service can be done remotely and we’re happy to cater to your timezone.

We currently have two subscription packages on offer – Silver and Gold to suit your needs. We also offer a Once-Off Taster Package.

With each package, we will provide you with professionally produced video snippets, captions for the snippets, quote graphics, raw interview file, and the full transcription.

The Once-Off Taster Package includes 2 pieces of content (1 video snippet with captions and 1 graphic).

The Silver Package includes 6 pieces of content (3 video snippets with captions and 3 graphics) per month.

The Gold Package includes 12 pieces of content (6 video snippets with captions and 6 graphics) per month.

How does Repurpose Your Purpose work?

Please select your interested package and submit an enquiry with us. You will then be invited to schedule a discovery call with us. If you’re unsure what package to select or have questions about our service, please send us an email and we can assist you.

The purpose of the call is to determine how best we can help you meet your business and marketing goals. At the discovery call, we would like to learn more about your current business, goals, challenges to determine how we can help you. We will also explain to you about our service and how it works. The more you can share with us, the better we can help you.

Interviews are conducted in the comfort of your own home. We take the stress out of video production. All you have to do is hop on the zoom call and be yourself!

Our designer will customise templates to your brand, mission, and purpose. Simply send us your branding assets and guide and we will work together with you to create something that stays true to your brand. If you don’t have a branding guide, that’s ok! We’ll take a look at your website and make sure we reflect your organisation’s identity.

For the interview: your laptop with a built-in mic or some headphones/earphones, Zoom, and a strong internet connection.

For the template designs, we do ask for your branding guide and other assets like photographs or videos from your previous speaking or interview engagements that we can use as part of the B-Roll clips. Don’t worry if you don’t have an official branding guide, we’ll use your website to get some inspiration.

Our content production process will take 2-4 days and we aim to get your snippets delivered to you within the month. However, this is subject to your timely review of design templates and submission of materials to help us create your content.

At the end of the production process, we’ll send you a handy content publishing guide on how to best use your snippets on social media. Should you require more assistance or like to hire people to help you manage your social media we can refer you to our partner companies for added support on content strategy and marketing.

We will provide the raw files and full transcript for you in a google shared folder.

We pride ourselves on working collaboratively with you and will always make sure that you’re across the whole process, asking for reviews and feedback throughout.

Once snippets are finalised, we allow a maximum of 2 more final revisions as part of the package. Further revisions will be charged at an extra cost.

On your social media platforms! Our snippets are designed to be shared on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and even TikTok. Get posting!

The video snippets are one minute long and yes we can cut it shorter for you however you will still receive the same amount of videos depending on which package you choose as it takes us the same amount of time if not longer to cut it shorter.

Cost, Billing and Payments

We currently have a limited time special offer to try out Taster Package at the price listed on the website. Once you’re happy with the service, we will help you determine which package is right for you and advise you on our current costings when you speak with us.

There is no locked-in contract and you can cancel at any time. Note that we have a minimum subscription of three months. Once your subscription is canceled you can be subject to any updated new prices.

You can pay through your credit card via our secure payment facility Stripe. We require payment before service starts and your monthly payment will be automatically processed on the same date each month.

Cancellations and Refunds

We’re sorry to see you go! Before you cancel, please consider downgrading your package.

If this is not possible, simply let us know and we will cancel your subscription for you. Please allow us 48 hours to process the cancellation.

It’s as easy as letting your Project Manager know and we’ll fix it up for you in the backend. You can downgrade or upgrade at anytime.

Our service is an ongoing subscription as we believe that in order to have a strong brand you need to invest in consistent content to continue to tell your story and bring your audience with you on a journey. Building a brand is not an overnight activity but rather a continuous dialogue with your audience to engage, build trust, and create loyal fans.

That said, we will be sorry to see you go! You can speak with your Project Manager for a once-off package.

Other Questions

If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, simply contact us and we will be in touch with you within 1 business day.