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Finding Matt Drudge

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In the world of media and journalism, few names hold as much sway and mystique as Matt Drudge, the elusive force behind “The Drudge Report.” Despite being perhaps the most important media influencer of the last generation, very little is known about him. While his Drudge Report acts as the unofficial assignment editor for major newspapers and cable news networks, Drudge is rarely seen. In the last decade, he has gone from being the hero of the Trump right for his support of Donald Trump in 2016, to traitor to the Trump movement for turning against Trump in the lead up to the 2020 election. Some question whether Drudge even runs his own site anymore. It would be useful to ask him, but few know where to find him. The last public interview he gave was almost a decade ago.

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How many episodes are there of Finding Matt Drudge?

There are 6 episodes avaiable of Finding Matt Drudge.

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When did Finding Matt Drudge start?

The first episode of Finding Matt Drudge that we have available was released 17 January 2024.

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